Healthy Scholars is a non-profit organization dedicated to removing health barriers to learning.

Screening and Treatment


Our health clinics help students identify and treat conditions that could negatively impact their learning.


Our awareness programs help students understand the issues that may be affecting them, and help educators better understand and identify the symptoms of disorders that can impact learning.


Our research programs seek to understand the impact of specific health conditions on education and develop solutions for improved low-cost screening and treatment of those conditions.

Focus Areas


Hypothyroidism can cause extreme fatigue, among many other symptoms, preventing students from having the focus and energy they need to succeed.


12 of every 1,000 students have an educationally significant hearing disorder.


Headaches can be a sign of vision strain, making it difficult to focus in class.


In towns like Varni, dental problems are pervasive and often severe ranging from cavities to fluorosis.

Girls Health

Girls miss up to 1 week of school per month because they do not have the tools and knowledge to manage their time of the month.

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